Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Written by Janet Thome

We want to welcome Scott Wilson, Design Director and Co-Founder of Zero Squared to THIA as a new commercial member. Zero Squared creates small housing solutions, including homes that expand with the push of a button.

Delivery Anywhere In North America

Even to the Hawaiian Islands! They cover all USA/Canada border duties and fees and import and export documentation.

Built For Canadian Winters And Arizona Summers

Closed-cell spray foam is standard = R24 walls, R36 roof, and R42 floors.

Certified Tiny Home Builder

Whether CSA in Canada, RVIA, ANSI, or Pacific West Associates in the USA, they have your health and safety covered.

Financing Available

In house financing available, low down payment, up to 20 yr amortization.


Zero Squared


Sales only: Austin, Texas, United States 

Tours, Production, and Sales: 5050 76th ave SE

Calgary, Alberta, T2C 2X2