What’s Your Tiny Story?

We Want To Document Your Story

We want to document your story. We want to share the journeys and often monumental efforts it has taken for you to go tiny. We know the battle. We are making progress, let us share your personal story with everyone and it just might be the key to help someone else to keep forging on.

Joe Callantine

Joe Callantine’s Tiny Story

My tiny story started back in my mid-twenties but at the time, I didn’t really know it was part of my tiny story. I had a world view that cursed “the man”, cursed the “machine” and was not a big fan of society as it was. I started stockpiling books on homesteading, bushcraft, off-grid survival, and the like. I swore that one day it will be “every man for himself!” Also, during this phase of my life, I was starting to refine my own personal passions. Those definitions came out of my end goal of being completely self-reliant and not dependent on the system.

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My story: I was a hoarder living in an apartment before I went tiny. Throughout the years and in my adult years I continued to save almost everything that I bought or that was given to me. I had accumulated so much stuff that it started to pile up along my walls and under my bed and under dresses. I was stuffing things behind things, buying more things, and needing to find space for all this extra stuff that I just didn’t need. Growing up it made me feel good to keep and hold onto the memories.

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Emily Gerde

Emily Gerde’s Tiny Story

When choosing a name for our tiny house journey I didn’t realize how truly accurate it would be. I thought Tiny House, Big Moments was catchy and fun but I soon came to realize just how big the moments would be in our tiny house journey.

I’ll start back at the beginning where it all started. We had a 2,200 square foot house and I was running an organic daycare in my basement and coaching gymnastics part-time. My husband was working full time and in grad school and we had a newborn. This was the tipping point! So many jobs and no time to actually enjoy our beautiful property and home that we were working so hard to pay for.

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Melanie Copeland

Our Tiny Home On Wheels Is A Legal Dwelling! Melanie Copeland’s Tiny Story

So we are officially legal! We are homeowners and legal landowners in the great state of Virginia. Did you ever think that you are just one person and too small to make a difference? Well, I used to think that… until I went tiny! So, want to know how? Here’s our tiny story …
We built our home in seven days at a workshop with Incredible Tiny Homes!  It is a complete and functional home. And while I always imagined living tiny as a lifestyle that would allow me freedom, and less to do…Once we got our home it clearly became something different. See, we  live in the state of Virginia and after exhausting all parking options that were within the immediate vicinity of us, we ended up parking in a backyard with nowhere “legal” to go.