Notable Members

Janet Thome Advocate And Founder Of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins

Janet Thome sponsored the relaunching of THIA’s online presence in 2019. She served on the board as the THIA Industry Liaison and Media Coordinator from June 2019 to Oct 2020. She remains a dedicated advocate for tiny homes and is a Guest Editor For THIA. Lloyd Mabuto with Final Touch Labs graciously sponsored the rebuilding of the THIA website and donated an amazing amount of time, patience, and beautiful smiles to the project.

Janet Thome is the founder of Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins. After being a tiny home consultant for one builder of tiny homes, she has changed the model of her business to fulfill the needs of the customers who were needing tiny homes, nationwide and represents builders all across the country.

Janet loves to connect the consumer with their design choices, where to live legally, insurance, financing, grants, and most of all, a customer’s dream of owning a tiny home. Janet has a small tiny home village in Washington state and LOVES dogs. She has a blog and writes extensively regarding tiny homes.

Janet is the Founder and President of Tiny House Alliance USA.

Thom Stanton The First President Of THIA

Thom and Midge Stanton live full-time in their DIY-built 90 sqft tiny house alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of Virginia. Together the couple runs GoTiny, a home design, and planning company focused on developing kit-based housing solutions. Thom is President Emeritus for the Tiny Home Industry Association, State Chapter Leader for the American Tiny House Association, a frequent panelist at housing events, and guest speaker at tiny home festivals. Thom leads the Uniform Compliance Initiative for Tiny Homes and is actively participating in standards development efforts for Off-Site Modular Construction and community planning projects focused on increasing the availability of safe, efficient, and affordable housing.

Go Tiny


Rod Stambaugh Co-Founder Of THIA And Founder Of Sprout Tiny Homes

Highly accomplished, innovative and visionary executive with CEO and VP level experience in startup and publicly traded companies. Prior to founding Sprout Tiny Homes in 2013, Rod spent 23 years innovating and developing technology for the mobile credit card authorization and mobile wallet industries.  Rod has led Sprout Tiny Homes to emerge as a leader in destining and manufacturing tiny homes on wheels and zero energy ready homes on foundations.  Rod also founded the Tiny Home Industry Association to drive standards for the industry and assist with zone and land use code modifications to allow smaller homes to become accepted in city and county zoning parcels.  Sprout has recently taken the lead to purchase and develop a zero energy ready housing development in Pueblo, Colorado.