THIA Testimonies

Joining THIA Has Value

Joining THIA has value and we are # Making Tiny Possible! We want to share some members testimomies as they share their thoughts after joining THIA. Join The Movement.

Tiny Houses USA


I wanted to take minute and express my appreciation for all of the work you and all of the other board members of the Tiny House Industry Association are doing to help promote the Tiny House Industry!!

I can’t tell you how important your efforts and all of the rest of the other board members efforts are to the Tiny House Industry.

This industry has such an unusual set of circumstances that without some great representation such as Dan Fitzpatrick and all of the promotion that you spend your days on, I don’t think this industry would be anywhere near as far along as it is.

I can honestly say that my website views are up almost double each month because of my membership.

If you are considering joining, don’t hesitate for a minute. The fee is so little and the benefits are so great, its worth every penny and more.

Darrell Glenn, CEO

Tiny House USA, LLC

6929 N Hayden Road

Suite C4-265

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

480-234-0342 Office

423-400-1014 Cell


Decathlon Tiny Homes

Hello THIA! It’s Jerry Terry from Decathlon Tiny Homes. We appreciated the webinar today. I wanted to let Dan know that I’m more than willing to contribute in any way that would be helpful to the future “standardized code” for tiny homes.

I’m willing to write one, modify one, edit, review, etc. We really appreciate everything you are doing and we’d like to do our part. Over the past 17 years I’ve pulled 3000+ permits from 30+ different cities for living spaces under 500/sf (along with 3 traditional residential homes) so we have enough experience to be useful in this capacity.


I bragged on the webinar about how you wrote our blog in about 5 minutes after I signed up LOL ūüôā

We entered the Tiny House on Wheels industry because we felt that this product is both of vital future importance, and also that the industry would benefit
from experienced professional construction and standards. THIA stands for exactly these things which are the reason we started building tiny homes in the first

With THIA I feel confident that we are moving towards a fair and correct set of national standards, and as this is an organization that has a real
purpose, not just a name and a sticker, we will be a member moving forward. It’s also fantastic to have somewhere to get some feedback or secure a referral.

Jerry Terry
President, Decathlon Construction


972-530-3884 (office)
214-542-9268 (cell)

—Your leader in Backyard Remodeling construction

Lindsay Wood, Experience Tiny Homes

By joining THIA as a board member I have been able to connect with so many people taking action in this industry. Alex Ontiveros with Pacific West introduced me to THIA and opened up the doors to get even deeper into serving our nascent industry.
Earlier this year I got the opportunity to serve as Co-Director of the Membership committee with Alexis Stephens of Tiny House Expedition. Their living legally Tiny Documentary featuring Dan Fitzpatrick was one of my early epiphanies that I would eventually work in this industry. 
Working directly with Dan Fitzpatrick on the Legalize Tiny Homes Advocacy training has been a terrific experience as I never quite knew how to interact with my elected officials and with his training I have already started the Sonoma County Tiny Home Coalition to get the ADU ordinance amended to allow Tiny Homes on wheels.
Now every month I get to host the THIA Thursday monthly meetups and moderate the THIA member network on Facebook which brings me on contact with some amazing humans doing great work to bring about permanent and permissible affordable housing. Thank you THIA officers, board members, and members for all your activity to make this a solid industry built on innovation, quality, and connections.

Lindsay Wood
Co-Founder Of Experience Tiny Homes
Co-Director Of Member Recruitment Of THIA