About Us

The Tiny Home Industry Association

is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization

About Us

Operating as a trade association that was originally formed in 2016 with support funding provided by the Colorado Blueprint 2.0 Initiatives in coordination with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and under the leadership of former Colorado governor, John Hickenlooper.

Making Tiny Possible!

Our Board and committees work to achieve THIA’s Mission, through these top priorities and strategies:


Making decisions together for the greater good.

Utilizing the dynamic consensus decision-making process with a diverse group of participants to reach a well-balanced agreement between all involved.


About Us

Working As A Team

Collaborate with thought leaders in the tiny home industry to legitimize tiny homes as safe, quality housing, from building departments to the American Tiny House Association.


Support through consultation and resources


On-going advocacy efforts and share resources to benefit consumers and professionals.


From accredited standards developer to model standards development

Become the industry’s dedicated and consensus-based ANSI Standards Developer (ASD). Once accredited, nationwide model standards development will commence, specifically for movable tiny house construction to dramatically expedite acceptance.

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Together we are Making Tiny Possible for all. Become a member to support our work.

Why What We Do Matters?

Through the collaborative advocacy efforts of both the Tiny Home Industry Association and the American Tiny House Association, we are rapidly gaining progress and opening doors to allow tiny homes for permissible and permanent housing. Listed are a few recent examples:

San Diego’s City City Council Committee Gives Go-Ahead To ‘Tiny Houses’ On Wheels For San Diego Backyards 

Our Tiny Home On Wheels Is A Legal Dwelling In Buckingham, Virginia! 

Washington State Tiny House Bill 5383 

Cheney Creek Tiny Home Development In Routt County, Colorado 

Appendix Q for Tiny Homes On A Foundation has been adopted or is in the approval stage  by well over 22 states and 10 more jurisdictions

Our members are co-proponents of the 2021 IRC Edition Of Appendix Q 

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Working Together for Tiny Home Acceptance

Both nonprofit organizations share the same long term goals. Though the missions of each focus on complementary keys often seen as unlocking tiny homes as housing: building standards and placement.

The Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) primarily focuses on tiny home building and safety standards, as well as promoting best practices to benefit the industry, consumers and municipalities to support acceptance as permissible and permanent housing. Tiny homes are the go to solution for affordable housing.

About Us The American Tiny House Association (ATHA) primarily focuses on education and advocacy through work with state and municipal zoning and building officials to promote the adoption of plans, rules, and regulations that allow tiny homes as a valid form of permissible and permanent housing.


THIA has a requirement that builders that join THIA are a licensed contractor or certified. As an Association we strive to share best practices for safe building and ethical  business practices with our Members and the entire Industry.  THIA cannot be involved in disputes between two parties that find their services on THIA or from another resource. Please do your own due diligence in choosing your builder or any other service you find listed on THIA or any resource in the tiny home industry.