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Written by Janet Thome

We want to thank and welcome Corrine Watson, the founder of Tiny Homes Of Maine as a new commercial member of THIA. Corrine has earned the title of super advocate because she spearheaded the effort in Maine to define tiny homes and for the passing of  LD1981  on 3/18/2020 which defines a “state certified” Tiny Home (on wheels) as a vehicle that needs to follow either RV or Park Model RV standards. Typical building inspection and permits do not apply here.

Corrine received invaluable support from Dan Fitzpatrick, the President Of THIA, Alan Plumber, and Senator Mitch Carpenter regarding LD 1981.

Corinne Watson envisioned an alternative to the mainstream: a tiny home, a smaller footprint, and more freedom to live the lifestyle of her choosing.

Since selling their first tiny home in 2017, Tiny Homes of Maine has been designing and building custom tiny homes and tiny spaces for customers across Maine. The family-owned business is on a mission to make the tiny hame dream attainable for more individuals.

Why Choose Tiny Homes of Maine?

Tiny Homes of Maine offers a customizable design-build solution, including a 3D virtual walkthrough to help customers envision their tiny lifestyle. “This allows customers to experience the space before they buy, which is so important when going Tiny,” says Corinne.

Design-Build Expertise

Corinne and her husband Tom have the design expertise to ensure form and function, and their manufacturing and building industry backgrounds guarantee solid construction. Tiny Homes of Maine can also design, build, and deliver mobile offices, retail space, art studios, vacation cottages, and more. There is also an option to order a partially finished tiny home.

Common FAQ

  1. What are the dimensions of a Tiny Home on wheels? The outer width is 8.5′, the total height is 13.5′ and the max length (including the towing vehicle) cannot exceed 60′. Most Tiny Homes range between 20′ to 30′ feet long. The square footage, including the sleeping loft, can be up to 400 square feet.

  2. What’s the situation with utilities? Our standard 8×30 Allagash is all-electric with a 50 amp supply. Typical connection to water, sewer, and electric is the same as a mobile home. The electric also can be plugged in using a 50amp RV extension cord. Options for off-grid are available.

  3. What’s the situation with sewage? Our Tiny Homes came with Nature’s Head Composing Toilet. Greywater from your Tiny Home will have to be disposed of in an approved way. Check the State’s subsurface wastewater rules.

  4. Can a Tiny Home on wheels accommodate more than 1 person? Yes! Our standard 8×30 Allagash has an option for the main floor bedroom AND 2 sleeping lofts. You can also have a completely custom Tiny Home designed and built.

  5. Are there zoning regulations that do not permit Tiny Homes? As of 4/2/19 only Portland, Maine has explicitly prohibited Tiny Homes. See the Codes and Zoning page for more info.

  6. I am a retiree and don’t want to climb up into a sleeping loft, do you offer alternatives? Yes, absolutely! We can customize the perfect space for you which could include the sleeping area on the main floor with storage in the loft or a guest bed. The 8×30 Allagash has an option for the main floor bedroom.

  7. I would like a Tiny Home, but not on wheels. We can design and build Tiny Homes not on wheels, but there is more work to do on towns allowing this to be built off-site and banks are not likely to finance these structures.

  8. Can you live in a Tiny Home in the winter? Yes! Our Tiny Homes are well insulated and can withstand harsh Maine winters. You will need to skirt/insulate around the bottom of your hame or heat the water coming in and grey water going out (same set up as a mobile hame).

  9. How do I insure my Tiny Home? Contact your current company for a home owner’s policy or contact Celeste at United Insurance (207) 797-9400 .

  10. Do you offer to finance? You can ask your local bank for an RV loan. Our Tiny Homes are issued a title from the state which most banks require for financing.


Tiny Homes Of Maine Creating Tiny Home Dreams

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