Working Fusion At Mill Creek For At-Risk Young Adults

Written by Janet Thome

Tiny Building Experts has been chosen to build the tiny homes for a new tiny home village in Colorado Springs, Colorado for at-risk young adults, with a special focus of the youth aging out of foster care. With the lack of housing and unaffordable prices, the need is immediate. The new tiny home village is called Working Fusion At Mill Creek and will be a safe haven for at-risk young adults.

Close To Their Hearts

The Working Fusion At Mill Creek is close to Austin and Tracy’s heart and this is what they had to say.

When Austin found himself starting our Tiny Building Experts company a few years ago, we both knew we wanted this company to be bigger for us personally than just “running a family-owned business”. It needed to mean more than that to us in order for us to make the commitment to give everything we have into our business mentally, physically, and spiritually. In College when going to School for Business, you’re taught that you will want to truly love what you are doing because, in order to make a new small business survive the 2-year mark and the 5-year mark, you have to have great persistence and pure determination to see it through.
Why is this project near and dear to our hearts…what can we say, how can it not be near and dear to us?
Foster Kids…
Being in Foster Care himself although for a short time, Austin knows first hand what it’s like to grow up without a Dad and minimal positive influence in his young life so when the opportunity to be a part of this project came to us and offered us a chance to help people, we committed to being part of this critical cause.
We want to be a part of the solution and offer these young people a positive influence.  This program is bigger than affordable housing and getting these young adults started in the right direction in life. Having a program to work with the kids to teach life skills with surely motivate, and influence others to do the program and become leaders and mentors too.  This is going to be amazing Community development, watch the impact of this little neighborhood come to life and please consider supporting We Fortify!
On behalf of Tiny Building Experts, we are assuring these Tiny houses are made with love and well built so they are a blessing in our community. This is why we started our business, to help people have something they could call home.
Austin Baker & Tracy Manchego-Baker
Tiny Building Experts

The New Face Of Homelessness

The new face of homelessness goes way beyond the stereotypical types of people. It is the working poor that has two jobs but still cannot afford the rent or the teenager that just graduated from high school that has been kicked out of the house or the young adult that was in foster care that was sadly never adopted and at a certain age, the funding is cut off and they have to leave the foster home with nowhere to go and no support of any kind.


“To have a family, and family, family. Those are the only wishes I have,” he said. “I would just like to have a family to call mom and dad or just mom or just dad. I don’t really care.”

Jordan Is In Foster Care In Oklahoma And Just Wants A Family

Nine-year-old Jordan was highlighted in a news article a few days ago and puts a spotlight on the National need, not only for the urgent need for foster homes now but how to prepare them for a world in the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis.

There are currently 7,791 children in Oklahoma DHS custody. Nationally, there are more than 400,000 children in foster care, according to the most recent federal data. Of those, over 100,000 are waiting to be adopted.

Jordan lives in a group home. He went into the care of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services six years ago, along with his little brother Braison.

Back then, the siblings lived in separate group homes.

“Oh, we like to do anything together, like bake and karate,” Jordan had said then. Braison has since been adopted, and Jordan says he doesn’t get to see his little brother much anymore.

Jordan’s brother was chosen for adoption and he was not. What kind of feelings is he having now and how will this affect his future?

Article Source Chicago’s Very Own:‘I hope one of y’all pick me’: 9-year-old Oklahoma boy wants a place to call home

Jordan’s story caught national attention and I have the best feeling that he will have a home very soon and he will get to see his brother more often.

We Fortify Is The Non-Profit Behind The Development of Working Fusion At Mill Creek

Please help in any way you can to help get the word out about Working Fusion At Mill Creek. What Can You Do?

  • Buy A Tiny Home For The Project
  • Donate To The Fundraisers
  • Donate Materials
  • Have Your Store Or Service Be Added To The Working Fusion Registry, Providing A Discount For The Non-Profit Such As Furniture, Clothes, Housewares, Bedding, Artist And Garden Supplies, Appliances, Computers, etc….
  • Do You Have A Needed Skill That You Can Teach Such As Gardening Or Painting
  • Are Their Developing Careers You Can Help Nurture Or Jobs You Can Offer?
  • Be An Ambassador Of Sharing

Give 10

Learn More About We Fortify And Working Fusion At Mill Creek In Colorado Springs, Colorado

Working Fusion At Mill Street is a tiny home village for at-risk adults and is the first development of We Fortify, crafted after two extensive years of research. The Community Health Partnership (Point in Time Count 2018) has identified a lack of housing options and the need for safe, supportive, accessible, affordable housing as the most significant challenge in tackling housing instability and homelessness.

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