Great Barrington, MA

Written by Janet Thome

Bethany Blackburn, THIA member, and Co-Founder of Davis Tiny Homes was at the town meeting on Sept 15th, 2020 and she gave THIA a report.

History In The Making!

Wow! Oh wow! I was so thrilled to have witnessed “history in the making” at last night’s 2020 Special Town Meeting in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The Town approved Article 16 of the warrant, amending the definitions of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), updating the definition of an ADU. An ADU many now “be a Moveable Tiny Home”1! Wow!

I drove 180 miles from Falmouth, Mass, to Great Barrington, Mass, and back, in order to listen and learn. My fiancé and I are co-owners of B & G Davis Tiny Homes, a tiny house on wheels building business in Falmouth, and are eager to change the by-laws in our area, to allow zoning for moveable tiny homes. We are proponents of sustainable living and affordable housing and know that amending outdated zoning laws will lead to a better quality of life for many underserved citizens.

Glenn and I are members of the Tiny Home Association Industry (THIA). Many thanks to Janet Thome, the Industry Liaison and Media Coordinator for THIA for sharing the information about the Special Town Meeting held in the beautiful town of Great Barrington.


Bethany Blackburn
Davis Tiny Homes, LLC
East Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
508 989 5617

Statement From Dan Fitzpatrick

Number two in the state! Shout out to American Tiny House Association former Regional Director, Katie Jackson, for being the front runner of this effort and Jonathan Hankin of the Great Barrington Planning Board for his tireless efforts in bringing new models of affordable housing to The Berkshires! Consultation with Dan Fitzpatrick of Tiny House Industry Association and American Tiny House Association was critical in creating the language for this win. Congratulations, everyone!

Dan Fitzpatrick

Photo Credit: B & B Tiny Homes