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Written By Janet Thome

Joe Callantine, President/CEO of Life Size Tiny Communities is a commercial member of THIA with a big announcement for the industry that will bring much-needed housing to Colorado.

Life Size Tiny Communities is currently working with El Paso County, Colorado to develop a tiny home community in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is now launching a crowdfunding investment campaign to establish Bonsai Village LLC.

For Immediate Release

LITTLETON, CO – Life Size: Tiny Communities, LLC (“LSTC”) is leading a crowdfunding investment campaign to establish Bonsai Village, LLC, the first of its kind, in a nationwide effort to establish tiny home communities. 

Bonsai Village, LLC, is the operating company for a community of movable tiny houses to be developed and built-in Colorado, on the Front Range (the Colorado Springs and/or Denver markets). It is a subsidiary and the first development of LSTC.

“I believe in the American dream of homeownership and have been troubled to see that it has become inaccessible to so many. Tiny homes provide housing options to a variety of prospective homeowners, whether their interest is to enter the housing market for the first time, to live life-rich instead of house-rich, to leave a smaller carbon footprint, or to downsize.  Tiny home enthusiasts are frustrated in executing this option due to current zoning and regulations.  Our goal is to create a template for the expansion of tiny home communities across the United States,” said Joe Callantine, founder and CEO of Life Size: Tiny Communities, LLC. 

LSTC is at the forefront of efforts to normalize mobile tiny houses as permanent single-family type living structures. Antiquated planning and zoning regulations hinder the establishment of tiny homes as a viable option to the housing crisis that is so prevalent in America today. It is a well-known issue: cities across the nation are looking for solutions to the “missing middle”. A segment of the housing market that includes starter homes, duplexes/triplexes, and other options that provide attainable housing.  LSTC provides a solution to that problem.

We are looking to create an organic community concept that will provide a sense of privacy and ownership of single-family style housing and ways to connect with your neighbors.

Bonsai Village is anticipated to open for residency in late 2021.

Life-Size Tiny Communities Mission

Life-Size: Tiny Communities’ mission is to create the nation’s first replicable tiny house community template. We’re working with cities, counties, and industry leaders in an effort to normalize mobile tiny houses as permanent single-family type living structures.

Once the premier, pilot community in Colorado is operational, further expansion will begin.

Meet The Team

Joe Callantine: President/CEO

I’m Joe, an electrician by trade, the owner of a tiny house (her name is Meraki, which is Greek for “to put a little of yourself in what you do.”), and the founder of Life Size: Tiny Communities. Like so many people, I believe in the American dream of homeownership and have been troubled to see that it’s become inaccessible to so many.

Tiny homes provide a solution for those looking to live life-rich rather than house-rich while leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth. But with zoning and regulations being what they are, tiny home enthusiasts keep encountering one persistent problem:  “where do we put them?” I created LSTC as a means and method to solve that issue.

I believe in the differences between managers and LEADERS. I also believe that if you can take care of the people, everything else will take care of itself. While some days are easier than others, I strive to be a shining example of positivity, leadership, creative abundance, and love. We must be good stewards of ourselves, our fellow humans, and our planet.

Together, we can forge a movement 10 years in the making into the industry it deserves to be!

Tina Francone – SVP, Government Affairs

Tina is a civic-minded, innovative leader with extensive business development experience within local (county) government. She is skilled in successfully navigating legislative activities at local, state, and federal levels. She is a collaborative communicator, who continually focuses on building relationships and serving as a community advocate and voice. Her passion is promoting synergy across large districts to promote positive change, cohesive and comprehensive policy design, and enhanced stability. Tina believes that tiny houses should be a part of housing diversity and can offer a free-market solution to the housing shortage across the nation.

Kevin Andrews – SVP, Finance

Kevin is a real estate, investment, and banking professional working to build and scale a world-class organization. He excels in fundraising and the execution of real estate developments. Prior to real estate, he worked in the TMT industry for 8+ years primarily focused on financing growth-stage technology companies in San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago. His responsibilities included strategic planning/consulting with technology finance executives and business development.

Kevin is an integral part of the LSTC team as he will lead all real estate and financial aspects of the company from asset acquisition to capital raising. He aims to help add tiny houses to a neglected housing segment and disrupt the real estate industry.

Visit Life-Size Tiny Communities To Learn More About The Investment campaign and to stay tuned about upcoming communities.


Joe Callantine, President/CEO