Possibly Paving The Way For Movable Tiny Homes Built Off-Site

Byron  Fears, the Director of Communications  for THIA and owner/builder of SimBLISSity Tiny Homes attended the Boulder city council meeting last night and represented the Tiny Home  Industry Association

Byron  Fears reports a successful meeting of the Boulder City Council last evening with the apparent outcome that Appendix Q is set to be adopted and it’s likely that they will allow offsite build ng of tiny homes, which implies that they would be delivered to site on sale form of wheeled carrier or trailer. This likely will result in the allowance for movable tiny homes, provided that they are attached to a foundation on if they are to be used as a residence. Prior to the meeting the verbiage used to describe residential structures included the phrase “constructed on a foundation on”, which implies site-built only.

Appendix Q Tiny Houses

Boulder City Council Updates Building Code To Allow Tiny homes In Residential Areas

Tuesday evening, the Boulder City Council updated its building codes, allowing tiny homes in residential areas.

Fears said this now gives people another option to search for attainable and affordable housing in Boulder.

Article Source: Denver 7

Photo Credit:SimBLISSity Tiny Homes