Big Ideas, Small Footprint

Written by Janet Thome

We want to thank and welcome Aryo Mazanek, the Co-Founder of Wilderwise as a new commercial member of THIA, located in Orange County, California. Wilders reimagines tiny living with homes that are modular, two-story, easily portable, and fully off-grid. You’ll be at ease wherever you park.


Each system in the home works hard so you don’t have to. Optimized for efficiency on- or off-grid, Wilderwise is self-contained and keeps you comfortable in wild places and on city streets.

They are taking preorders now with an early bird special.


Unique features enable maximum comfort, easy portability, and breathtaking flexibility. Whether you park in a backyard or take it on the road, Wilderwise literally has you covered.


Wilderwise is one of the first-ever two-story tiny homes on wheels. Electric actuators lift the roof when parked, giving you increased privacy and space. Tiny living just got upgraded.


Comprised of module units, Wilderwise can be assembled, upgraded, and customized with ease. The home is designed to grow and change with you – a true lifetime product.


Wilderwise’s integrated sustainable systems are good for the planet and your lifestyle. Going off-grid reduces costs, eliminates the hassle of hookups, and ensures comfort even in remote locations.